Magesh Margabandu

Architect at AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd

Magesh has more than 15 yrs of experience in the field of embedded systems software and has been a key member in creating a complete RTOS Automotive infotainment system from scratch which has gone into many products. This includes automotive infotainment requirements.

Magesh is experienced in designing middleware on Linux based systems and has a good knowledge of the Android Operating system, in the Application framework as well as application development.

My Sessions

Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI Case Studies

Grand Ballroom 1

In this dedicated case-study oriented session, several more individual presentations will continue to exemplify the Graphics Sharing categories. A variety of speakers will share technical approaches with real-world experience on the implementation of the previously described theoretical methods. This “How can it be done in practice” session will present challenges and successes, to share directly […]