Harsha M. Mallikarjun

Architect, Graphics Domain at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions.Ltd.

Senior Engineer in ADIT, in the area of linux graphic stack for ivi systems. Harsha works for an engineering team, for the linux Graphics stack. Primary focus area is providing a production quality linux graphics stack with features to support IVI use cases. Harsha’s experience ranges from legacy proprietary graphics stacks to modern linux graphics stack. Harsha’s expertise touches all the areas of linux graphics stack namely, rendering (GPU, OpenGLES), Display (DRM), multimedia (g-streamer) and Composition (Wayland/Weston, Genivi layer management).



My Sessions

Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI Case Studies

Grand Ballroom 1

In this dedicated case-study oriented session, several more individual presentations will continue to exemplify the Graphics Sharing categories. A variety of speakers will share technical approaches with real-world experience on the implementation of the previously described theoretical methods. This “How can it be done in practice” session will present challenges and successes, to share directly […]